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Nevus Sebaceous

Our sebaceous glands are important for maintaining skin and hair health. Sometimes though, there are a couple of conditions that could affect them. One of these is nevus sebaceous.

What Is Nevus Sebaceous?

By all appearances, nevus sebaceous seems a lot like a bald spot. It usually appears on the scalp or somewhere in the head region. On rare cases, it can appear on other parts of the body. Among babies and kids, nevus sebaceous may simply appear to be a smooth, hairless area that is slightly yellow or differs in color from the rest of the skin. This condition is linked to the sebaceous glands.

Sebaceous glands are normally very useful glands. They are the manufacturing sites of sebum, an oily substance that makes its way to the skin. Sebum is what makes the skin oily in a healthful way. People however who have nevus sebaceous have too many sebaceous glands concentrated on the area.

The direct causes of this condition are not fully understood. It is possible though that genetic inheritance plays a role. The condition also apparently appears first during birth due to hormonal activity. It may then appear to fade a little during childhood. Eventually though nevus sebaceous may appear to get worse during adolescence and may even form into a full lesion. This is probably because of the surge in hormone levels during adolescence.

Possible Complications

There aren’t very many sources available about nevus sebaceous. There are even some doctors who may not be familiar with the condition at all. Those who are familiar with it however, tend to suggest precautionary measures to parents. This is because what may seem like a simple skin condition may be a sign of a deeper problem or may progress to another condition.

In some cases, a bold spot in kids may be a sign of a condition known as nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn. This is a very rare condition that leads to irregularities in the form and function of the skeletal and nervous systems.

Some doctors who notice nevus sebaceous in infants may also be concerned about cancer. In some cases, the bald area may be a sign of possible future cancer development. Individuals who have this skin condition may have to be observed throughout childhood. Doctors may eventually recommend the surgical removal of the bald spot to prevent the possible development of cancer.

Parental Concern

Because not much is known about nevus sebaceous many parents attempt to learn more about the condition on their own. Unfortunately, the internet also does not contain a lot of information. The terms cancer and nervous system abnormalities which have been linked to this condition may only result in causing feelings of anxiety. The best course of action for parents with kids who have this condition is to simply follow the doctor’s advice or get second or third opinions to support the need for surgery.

Doctors may not agree about the age when the bald spot should be removed. Some parents may prefer to have it removed at an early age to spare their kids from the emotional trauma of appearing in school or in public shortly after surgery.

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