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Sebaceous Prominence

What You Need to Know About Sebaceous Prominence

We don’t often hear about sebaceous prominence being discussed in public gatherings. There are also not a lot of public online sites that contain reliable information about this condition. A basic search performed on this topic however will reveal several forums dedicated to it. This means that the condition is real and is a point of major concern for some individuals. What exactly is sebaceous prominence and what can be done about it?

Sebaceous Prominence

Sebaceous prominence is a condition that affects males only. It is otherwise known as Fordyce spots and appears around the bottom of the penile shaft or on the shaft itself. The spots are small, hard, white growths. Some men have diffuse growths while others can have rows of it.

Sebaceous Prominence

Sebaceous Prominence

The cause of sebaceous prominence stems from the sebaceous glands found on the penile shaft. These glands are responsible for producing sebum which is an oily substance that keeps the skin of the penis well moisturized and healthy. The sebum that is produced in the glands, normally pass through hair follicles onto the skin. Among some men, the glands may produce more sebum than usual resulting in blocked pores and the growth of the white spots. Because these spots share a common cause with facial pimples, they are also sometimes known as penis pimples.

Effects of Spots

Sebaceous prominence is a common condition among men. It is not contagious and it is also not dangerous. Males however who notice it for the first time may become anxious over it. The spots may be mistaken for some type of sexually transmitted disease.

Even when the spots however, are confirmed as mere penis pimples, some men continue to feel some anxiety. This is especially when they start to become sexually active. Individuals with sebaceous prominence may feel that female partners may not understand the condition or may think the spots are signs of STD. The spots are therefore major blows to male confidence which explains the presence of several forums dedicated to this condition.

Treatment of Sebaceous Prominence

There is generally no need to treat sebaceous prominence. Even when you do opt for treatment, there may be no real medical solution to it. Creams intended for acne may not work on these spots. There are however a couple of online resources that claim to offer solutions to this problem. These home solutions however would typically cost you a few dollars and are no guarantee to solve the problem.

Some men also resort to pricking the white spots. Pricking sebaceous prominence may lead to the release of a small whitish substance. The spot that has been pricked may have a little blood on it but will eventually heal. Pricking however is never a guarantee that you will never grow them back. If you have more than one white spot, pricking may not be a practical solution.

There are some people who suggest that circumcision can get rid of the problem. This however is not an acceptable option for a lot of men.

If you are absolutely intent on having your sebaceous prominence treated, consult your dermatologist for your options.

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